Call Out for Volunteers!!

Do you love Comic Con? Whatcha doing on the Fri 20 – Sun 22 Feb 2015? Do you want to hang out, provide a few hours support each day to the organisers and guests and then bust some moves at the after party? Will you enjoy flouncing around with a weekend pass and some awesome Comic Con T-Shirts? Do we need to ask more questions?

What do our Comic Con Volunteers do?
Front of house duties
Crowd and queue management
Information and guidance to users of the venue
Providing general assistance to the organisers

Rewards of being a Comic Con Volunteer
Access to Comic Con
Comic Con T-Shirts
After-party Invitation
Food & Fluid
The chance to meet our exhibitors, competition winners and special guests
Including your time at Sunderland Comic Con on your CV

Applicants must be over 16
Preferably available Fri 20 (2pm – 5pm) Sat 21 (8am – 5pm) Sun 22 (10am – 6pm)
Friendly and approachable
Relevant interest and skills

To apply to volunteer with us please email us the following answers to questions below.

Please email us the following E-Mail: bhppaper@gmail.com
1. Name
2. Date of Birth – for purpose of over 16s
3. Any Relevant Experience
4. Why do you want to volunteer at comic con?
5. Are you available? Fri 20 (2pm – 5pm) Sat 21 (8am – 5pm) Sun 22 (10am – 6pm)
6. Mobile number
7. Email address


3 responses to “Volunteer

  1. Peter M. Quinn

    may i join the team? i have experince

  2. Sabby

    I’ve emailed to volunteer, but no one has emailed me back?

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