Contact Us

If you have a question, e-mail one of our team.

Sha Nazir
Bookings & Exhibitors
t: @Sha_Nazir

Mark Boyle
Technical & Marketing
t: @DjMuppet


17 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Shaun crosby

    are you guys looking for any volunteers/staff for this?

  2. tracy azzolina

    where do I buy tickets for comic con for Feb cant access online.

  3. Sabby

    How do I purchase tickets for comic con and i can I get them earlier or book them?

  4. peter

    do you have any dealer tables still if so i am very interested in coming to the show i have loads of cgc silver age comics

  5. Bridget

    Is it one under 12 free entry per adult or all under 12’s? I am looking at bringing my 3 boys.

  6. Bridget

    great thanks

  7. Shazza

    Do 13 and 14 year olds need to be accompanied by an adult?!

  8. Steven

    hi is the event just comics or will there be toys to buy aswel ?? cheers

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